Case Studies:

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Give me Liberty!

Liberty Fund’s Online Library of Liberty provides classic texts on the subject of liberty and personal freedom to scholars all over the world. Our custom XML workflow system allows a staff of two to publish these books online, and powers a flexible natural-language search engine for site visitors.

Full Service

A Bay Area standby since 1987, the Good Service Guide is a catalog of service professionals for homeowners. Along with a clean, flexible site design, we built a custom publishing solution that lets the publishers press one button to update their Web site.

Special Delivery

Onsite Neonatal Partners, Inc. works with hospitals to staff neonatal intensive care units. We delivered a new identity, a marketing campaign, and a Web site. Then we had to go back and create a recruiting campaign when they needed more staff to handle the demand!

David and the Goliaths

Softpress Systems Limited makes Web design software for the Macintosh. Despite inspiring near-fanatical loyalty among its users, Freeway™ was almost unheard of outside of England, and faced with overwhelming competition. We created an advertising campaign, a custom online store, and a new Web site to get the word out!

Softpress Ad detail

Dancing About Architecture

Magazine advertising for Softpress Systems targeted graphic designers and other design professionals who wanted to branch out into the Web.

Plenaxis portal screen

Works Well With Others

Message Design brought us in to add a shopping cart and administration system to a file portal they were developing for their client Specialty European Pharma. Using the Ajax design pattern, the finished site combines the fluidity and speed of a desktop application with the availability of a Web application. Watch it work!

Plenaxis portal screen

Big in Japan

Kiramek is a manufacturer and distributor of aftermarket auto accessories in Japan. This system is an interactive database of wiring diagrams used by installers all over that country. 腕時計それ検索! (Watch it search!)