Walter Davis is a multi-disciplinary artist, with his roots in visual expression and traditional craftsmanship. He is also an engineer and a technologist.

This is not a contradiction in terms.

“I’ve always reached for technical solutions to creative problems, and vice-versa.”

In his many careers, he has:

  • built fantastically detailed props for advertising photography (in the days before Photoshop and 3-D rendering),
  • photographed food, people, and products with a signature heightened-reality lighting style,
  • designed and art-directed award-winning advertising campaigns,
  • and built sculptural and practical furniture.

All of these layers of experience come together to inform his approach to developing practical and delightful Web applications for clients around the world.

“The medium you are using will tell you how it wants to be worked. You wouldn’t use a fine chisel to shape particle board, and you wouldn’t reach for a nail-gun to assemble a walnut jewelry box.”

“So too, you shouldn’t force a Web application to be a cheap knock-off of a spreadsheet. It can be more than that. It can be better.”